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Service Accounts

The following accounts are required for the site templates to function, they can be domain or local users. By default the configuration will look for the accounts locally because the DOMAINNAME variable is set to $Env:COMPUTERNAME, if you would like these accounts to be domain users then change DOMAINNAME to be $Env:USERDOMAIN.

The scripts will automatically create the user locally if 1) the computer name is set to the domain, or 2) the users don't exist in the domain. Regardless of where the accounts live their details (including passwords) need to be set in the .\Deployment\Environment.xml file.
  • CSCatalogUser
    • User for the catalog web service
  • CSFndRuntimeUser
    • User for the foundation web service app pool
  • CSMarketingUser
    • User for the marketing web service
  • CSOrdersUser
    • User for the orders web service
  • CSProfilesUser
    • User for the profiles web service
  • CSPrsRuntimeUser
    • User for the web site app pool

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