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Pup Files

Sites can be packaged and unpacked in a PuP file by using the Commerce Server Site Packager. You package your Commerce Server site (including the IIS metabase settings), site files from the file system, resources from the Administration database, and SQL Server databases into a single file. You also use Site Packager to unpack the Commerce Server site (or sections of it) onto other computers.

The Database\Pup folder contains a sample pup and its ini configuration file. The ini contains the definitions of all the resources in the pup and allows you to set all of their properties e.g. names, db strings, web site location, etc. Any variables that are defined in the environment.xml file can be referenced here, this allows you to easy change where you are deploying to without updating the ini file.

By default the SolutionStorefront.pup is deployed, but you can change this if you like by updating the Pup element in the environment.xml file

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