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The presentation.config extends the Commerce Server configuration to control some additional functionality. The presentation.config is hierarchical in the same way as the presentationConfiguration and channel config, basically this means you can define your default in your default element and then override for different channels or brands, etc.

The presentation.config uses the notion brands with the overall idea being that you could be hosting multiple brand sites in a single web application (e.g. SharePoint or SiteCore) and so you might want some different configurations for each. You should name your brand configurations the same as your presentationConfigurations as this is how they will be loaded.
  • presentation
    • renderFileLocation - acts as a pointer for things like AJAX that need to know where rendering files are stored. Not used by the site templates at this point.
    • preferredRenderTypes - acts as a helper for things like AJAX that need to know rendering technology to use. Not used by the site templates at this point.
    • enableXsltDebugging - turns on debugging on XslCompiledTransform objects. Not used by the site templates at this point.
  • exceptionHandling - the exception handling policy to use.
  • userSecurityManagement - you can find this discussion on this here User management
  • encryptionKeys - this is an area to store your encryption keys for anything, out of the box this is used by the userSecurityManagement which you can reader about here User management
  • securePageSettings - you can find this discussion on this here Secure Pages

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<presentation renderFileLocation="\xslts\" preferredRenderTypes="ascx;xslt" enableXsltDebugging="true" xmlns="" >
  <defaultBrand name="Default">
    <exceptionHandling defaultExceptionPolicy="DefaultChannel"/>    

      <registeredUser cookieName="__CLRegisteredUser" secureEncryptionKeyName="CookieSecure" nonSecureCookieName="__CLRegisteredUserHttp" nonSecureEncryptionKeyName="CookieNonSecure" rememberMeCookieName="__CLRememberMe" sslMode="Mixed" />
      <anonymousUser cookieName="__CLAnonymousUser" />

      <encryptionKey name="CookieSecure" encryptionProviderType="AesEncryptionProvider">
        <key name="public" value="Z5wzlDEUqGxrM/Cv6lEM2aFV1pNCc4r+Ap1lui7FDjg="/>
      <encryptionKey name="CookieNonSecure" encryptionProviderType="AesEncryptionProvider">
        <key name="public" value="rzQ9uvtGTnuiMVvXdL2FIKWi88x5TZH4iSw7+URzkKM="/>

    <securePageSettings requireSsl="true" nonSecureHostName="" nonSecurePort="80" secureHostName="" securePort="443">
        <!-- Root pages -->
        <addPage path="/product/*" />
    <brand name="">

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