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PowerShell Scripts

The site templates come with a set of PowerShell scripts to help you set up a site quickly, the scripts support v2 or v3 of PowerShell. These scripts are purely driven by settings in the environment.xml file so you should be able to change them to suit your needs and then use them on your own projects.


This script will do everything that is defined in the Domain.Dev.CSConfig configuration of the environment.xml. This script is in charge of setting up your environment, so you shouldn't need to run it very often. The script runs the following steps:
  • Create service accounts locally if they are not defined in your domain
  • Add service users to the IIS_IUSRS group
  • Give service accounts read/write permissions on the c:\windows\temp\ folder
  • Make sure Commerce Server event sources are setup in the registry
  • Give the catalog web service user full control on the catalog AzMan file
  • Create all of the app pool for the web sites and assign service accounts to them
  • Creates the web site and virtual directories to host the web services and then assigns the appropriate app pools to them
  • Un-pups the specified pup using the associated ini file


This script will do everything that is defined in the Domain.Dev configuration of the environment.xml. The script is incharge of setting up your dbs and performing any other tasks related to the source code. Depending on how much change your have in your db or Commerce Server schemas, you will probably run this script quite often. The script runs the following steps:
  • Creates any folders required by the project and assigns appropriate permissions
  • IIS
    • Creates Self Signed Certs or registers existing certs
    • Makes sure app pools are created and assign the appropriate .NET version
    • Creates WebSites, Virtual Directories and assigns certs, bindings, and app pools
  • Sets up the following Commerce Server pieces
    • Imports schemas i.e. profiles, catalog data, including inventory
    • Sets proper database security for app pools
    • Registers pipelines
    • Sets property permissions for users and app pools in AzMan

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