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Popup a SharePoint Site

Make sure you have taken care of all of the SharePoint Prerequisites

Download and unblock the zip

Download the file and unblock it before you un-zip it. You can unblock a zip by right clicking on it, selecting Properties and then click on the Unblock button at the bottom of the dialog.
  • Unzip the contents of the Site Template zip file to a local folder on your computer
  • If you are going to setup the site under a %USERPROFILE% directory then you will need to give the app pool user permission on the site directory when you are done
  • Open a PowerShell window as Administrator
  • In the PowerShell window navigate to the 'Deployment' directory where you unzipped the Site Template contents and execute the following scripts

SharePoint 2010: The SharePoint 2010 Powershell Snap-in does not support Powershell Version 3. Please run the scripts from a Powershell Version 2 prompt or from the SharePoint Management Shell. Detailed Instructions.
  • .\Deploy-UnPup.ps1
  • .\Deploy-SP2010-Release.ps1

SharePoint 2013: SharePoint 2013 and Powershell Version 3 do get along. For SharePoint 2013 you can run the scripts in Powershell V3.
  • .\Deploy-UnPup.ps1
  • .\Deploy-SP2013-Release.ps1

Assuming everything has run without error you should be able to browse the Commerce Server SharePoint site and services using the following urls:

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