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Variables in Environment.xml

The Environment.xml file allows you to set variables for use elsewhere in the configuration, in the Powershell scripts that are called and in the database scripts that are called. While the default values are good for most people you might need to change some of them.
  1. PROJECT_NAME: This variable is used throughout but most importantly it's used for the CS Site name. If you want to change the name of the CS Site that is un-Puped by the script you can change this variable's value. You should change it for all of the configurations in the Environment.xml to make sure they are in sync. Unfortunately, if you do you'll also have to change the Sitename in the channelconfiguration.config file of the Foundation service.

There are fourplaces that has to change.

Two spots in the CreditCardEncryptionConfiguration element
<CreditCardEncryptionConfiguration publicKey="registry:HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\CommerceServer\Encryption\Keys\SolutionStorefrontSite,PublicKey" privateKey="registry:HKEYLOCALMACHINE\SOFTWARE\CommerceServer\Encryption\Keys\SolutionStorefrontSite,PrivateKey" deleteValues="false">

The Site Element <Site sitename="SolutionStorefrontSite"
The Default Channel Element <DefaultChannel sitename="SolutionStorefrontSite">

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