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Commerce Server Two-Tier Configuration

The Commerce Server Two-Tier Configuration Nuget package can be used to configure any web project to access Commerce Server in process.


It is assumed that you have Commerce Server installed on the machine where you are running this package. It adds references to Commerce Server assemblies which were put in the GAC by the Commerce Server installer.


This package will add all of the files of the Foundation and Presentation packages to your project (Pipelines, ChannelConfiguration.config, etc.) and modify the web.config to configure Commerce Server in-process.

How to use this package

This package can be used as a starting point to use Commerce Server in-process. This package would be good for a developer evaluating Commerce Server or as a starting point for a in-process Commerce Server project.

Alternatively; you can download the source code of the package, customize it and build your own Nuget package. This would be a good option if you have standarized template for your organization or team.

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