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Commerce Server Presentation Nuget Package

The Commerce Server Presentation Configuration Nuget package can be used to configure any web project to consume a Commerce Server Foundation service WCF. This package goes well with the Commerce Server Foundation Configuration Nuget Package. You can use the Foundation package to create a service and then use the Presentation package to create a consumer of that service.


It is assumed that you have Commerce Server installed on the machine where you are running this package. It adds references to Commerce Server assemblies in the GAC.


This package will add a C# file called CommerceFoundationServiceAgent.cs to your project. The class in this file simplifies access the Commerce Server foundation. The package will also make the web.config modifications required to use Commerce Server and access a Foundation service.

How to use this package

You can add this package to your project in order to get started with Commerce Server in 3-tier mode. You could have a central development Foundation service of a single Foundation service on your developer workstation and then use this package to configure multiple applications to access it.

Alternatively; you can download the source code of the package, customize it and build a Nuget package for your organization.

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