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Commerce Server Contrib Library & Configuration

There are two packages that can help you use the Commerce Server Contrib pieces. There are two packages - CommerceServerContrib.Library and CommerceServerContrib.Configuration.


You'll need a Commerce Server web site. You can use the Commerce Server Two-tier or the Commerce Server Presentation and Foundation Nuget packages to get started.


  • CommerceServerContrib.Library contains the CommerceServerContrib.Web and CommerceServerContrib.CrossTier dlls.
  • CommerceServerContrib.Configuration has a dependency on CommerceServerContrib.Library and install it for you. It will also configure your web application to use the Commerce Server Contrib pieces.

How to use this package

Your best bet is to install CommerceServerContrib.Configuration in your Commerce Server web application and start writing code using the Request Templates. Use the CommerceServerContrib.Library if you want to add the DLLs but manage the configuration yourself.

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