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Brand Provider

The brand provider is used to control the loading of the appropriate brand configuration from the presentation.config. If you are only hosting one Commerce Server site in a web application then you won't need to touch this class, but if you are working in something like SharePoint or Sitecore, where it is possible to have multiple Commerce Server sites in a single web application this class will be used to determine what site you are in and which brand configuration should be loaded.

Here is an example of using this with SharePoint...
Lets say you have three host-header enabled site collections, each of which has its own brand node in the presentation.config. In order to determine which presentation configuration to load you could 1) create an admin page in SharePoint that saves the brand name into the property bag of the SPWeb 2) update the brand provider to look in the property bag of the current SPWeb to find out the brand name.

Currently the brand provider is not tied in with the commerceConfigurationProviderType (which is used to determine the correct Commerce Server configuration to load), in a later release we plan to update the brand provider to extend the commerceConfigurationProviderType so that the loading of the brand and CS configuration is determined by a single class.

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