Caching configurations for Request Template responses

Sep 12, 2013 at 2:57 PM
I see that in request template file I can define caching values for responses, but it is actually presentation tier's responsibility to cache them. As such in the Sample code i see the following configuration in the commerceServer/Presentation section but I don't fully understand the configuration. For example is the following block telling me the folloing:
  • High level caching is enabled
  • Cache refresh is not enabled, but if it was then caching the request template file would update all the caches for the Catalog request template responses? How can I add a new event in there? Where are these event and caches to update defined in more detail?
  • Then I am defining a local store which has all cache stores but do these still correlate with caching.config where we have each cache block defined with its backing store? If so what is the naming convention channel_cacheName still?
   <caching enabled="true">
            <cacheRefresh enabled="false">
              <cacheEvent eventName="Presentation_requestTemplateFileChange" cachesToUpdate="RequestTemplateCache;Catalog" />
              <cacheEvent eventName="CatalogCache" cachesToUpdate="Catalog" />
              <cacheEvent eventName="AllMarketingCaches" cachesToUpdate="Marketing" />
              <cacheType name="Local" type="CommerceServer.Foundation.EnterpriseLibraryCacheProvider, CommerceServer.Foundation.CrossTier, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=f5c79cb11734af7a" />
            <caches defaultCacheType="Local">
              <cache name="RequestTemplateCache" enabled="true" />
              <cache name="Catalog" enabled="true" />
              <cache name="Profile" enabled="true" />
              <cache name="Orders" enabled="true" />
              <cache name="Marketing" enabled="true" />
              <cache name="MiniCart" enabled="true" />